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There are investment opportunities in every aspect of the Cannabis industry, with more opportunities developing as more states become legal across America. The eventual Federal repeal of Prohibition laws will lead to an overwhelming amount of opportunities for all. For now, in certain states, here are some investing options:

  • Leasing Your Property To Cannabis Investors
  • Buying Property To Lease To Cannabis Investors
  • Investing In Start-ups/Brands In The Cannabis Industry
  • Partnering With Start-ups/Brands In Profitable Ventures
  • Establishing Your Own Start-up/Brand In The Cannabis Industry
  • Supporting Groups Helping Patients Afford Cannabis Medicine

The opportunities are only limited by the scope of the laws in the state in which you wish to invest. For more detailed information, we ask that you first contact us via our web page to give us an understanding of your intentions for investments. We look forward to hearing from you.  

                                                                            Jon Marsh, Founder

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