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We pride ourselves in being some of the world's most patient-oriented advocates. We are committed to supporting and defending patients' rights and will stand or sit beside any patient who is looking for assistance to retain the right to use Cannabis as medicine.

Contact us if you or someone you know is in need of Patient Advocacy with regards to Cannabis as a medicine and we will fight tooth and nail for that patient. Contact us using the form on the link below. 

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Founder's Message

Welcome to The Cannabis Consultants. My name is

Jon Marsh and I have spent much of the past 22 years advocating for the complete legalization of cannabis and hemp in America. In 2010 I had a notion to create a central location where consultants in the Cannabis industries could be contacted and connected with those who may be seeking their expertise. That location is where you've landed. My contact list of two decades is at your beck and call.

 If you are seeking guidance on anything Cannabis related, I encourage you to let centuries of collective knowledge work for you as it has for us. We look forward to your free consultation and hope we can be of service. 

Jon Marsh, Founder

The Cannabis Consultants

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Our Cannabusiness consultants are some of the best in the country at what they do. All we need to know is what you wish to do and we can connect you with the Consultant that is right for you. Click Here to go directly to our Contact page and fill out a one page profile so we can link you with the ideal Consultant for your needs.