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More than 10,000 reports on the medicinal effects of Cannabis. The clinical and anecdotal evidence is overwhelmingly positive.

We compiled ten of the most asked questions and answered them in no specific order. Our answers may not surprise you.

Cannabis Extracts, prevalent in 

Pharmacopoeias and Physician's

Manuals through two centuries, are making a comeback after nearly a century of Prohibition. 

Discover what cannabinoids are, how they work within the human body and how they may help treat more ailments than any one drug on earth.

*Informational speakers for community awareness

*Motivational speakers for activist campaigns / events

*Processing patients into state medical cannabis programs

*Designing /constructing of personal and commercial gardens

*Expert testifiers in both cannabis and hemp related issues

*Business development and marketing for Canna-businesses

*Cannabis medication delivery services where allowed by law

*Legal assistance and guidance for Cannabis-related matters

*Consulting in all things Cannabis related from A to Z...




Cannabis has been Prohibited for decades. Our consultants have been at the forefront of repealment efforts for more than 1,000 years of collective activism and consulting. If it is cannabis related, we have a consultant at your service.


"My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer. We have had her on cannabinoid therapy for three months and her test results show the cancer is in decline! We believe in this amazing healing protocol so much we've started a collective to help others treat their own cancers with Cannabis Oil. The results speak for themselves!"

Diana P, 


Welcome to The Cannabis Consultants. We provide consulting services "For All Things Cannabis" with direct links to consultants in all fields of the Cannabis industry. We also provide public service through information and advocacy so feel free to share anything you like. 

In an open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, 

longtime Cannabis supporter and Harvard Professor Lester Grinspoon lays out an easy plan from the medical playbook to treat head trauma in NFL players using the

non-psychoactive compounds from the Cannabis plant. Clique here to read Dr. Grinspoon's letter the the Commissioner. 

Current Events

"Well, the cancer is gone, considering they said it was terminal. Cannabis Oil, diet change, becoming alkaline. So we gonna keep on keepin on. Luv all you on this site."

Jack K,


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How Cannabis Kills Cancer

"For All Things Cannabis"

Biochemist from California Treats Adenocarcinoma Prostate Cancer

Using Cannabis Oil And Diet Alone

Cannabis Oil Treats Dis-ease

Three-year-old is cancer free

after Cannabis Oil treatments

If you and/or your friend(s) have ever considered forming a non-profit for a Cannabis Collective where allowable by law, contact us for more details!

What About HEMP?

Just Clique Here!

Experts explain how Cannabis works

Scammmer Alert!!! Click here to see a review of New Cure cannabis paste and discover how certain people are preying on innocent patients who are praying for a miracle.