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Contact us with your intentions and we will help make your plans a reality, or we can offer ground-up opportunities that are ready for you to take control and build on our foundations.

Cannabis opportunities are becoming increasingly abundant. Our database at www.CannabisOpportunities.com is near completion, and will be updated regularly to ensure new jobs are listed as they are offered. Coming soon.


There are reliable online services to help locate a retail Cannabis outlet across the United States. Two of these services are Leafly.com and Weedmaps.com and the sites go beyond just mapping out stores.

Links to all medical Cannabis programs in the United States, including the legislation and laws specific to each state program. As more states adopt these sensible policies, a greater awareness will lead to Federal aid.

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"Make the Most you can of the Indian Hemp seed...and Sow it Everywhere"

                         ~ George Washington, 1st US President

Medicinal Cannabis

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One great resource is the Facebook group Cannabis Oil Success Stories  with more than 100 success stories, as well as several other helpful Cannabis pages and Groups. 

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Locating Retail Cannabis Locally

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country"

                             ~ Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President


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Medicinal Cannabis

"We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption" 

                                ​~ John Adams, 2nd US President

Thank you for your interest in our web services. We can assist you in finding the answers to your questions. Our network of Cannabis Consultants is as vast as the opportunities that are presently waiting to be explored in the Cannabis industry. 

As the founder of The Cannabis Consultants, it is my goal to get every visitor to this website the information they need to succeed with Cannabis. I have nearly a quarter of a century experience in the realm of Cannabis, take advantage of it.

                                                 Jon Marsh, Founder

                                       The Cannabis Consultants


Investments In The Future Of Cannabis

Legal CBD heading for processing.

Choose from a handful of experts who are available for online consultations, who are paving the road for the future of medical Cannabis research. This month, Green Health Consultants is our featured clinic for online consults.

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