Our collective objective with regards to the business side of Cannabis is to provide clients with quality consulting for the emerging Cannabis industries. Whether medical or recreational, our Consultants are well versed and connected in both industries.

We can help you invest, expand, brand, or keep up with demand as more and more proprietors emerge in what is literally an open market and will remain so for the next decade as brands are established.  

Our Cannabusiness consultants are some of the best in the country at what they do. All we need to know is what you wish to do and we can connect you with the Consultant that is right for you. Click Here to go directly to our Contact page and fill out a one page profile so we can link you with the ideal Consultant for your needs.

Market Your Business

The Cannabis Consultants owns more than 300 Cannabis-related web domains.  We offer

unique marketing packages on those domains for bulk banner ad placements for Cannabusinesses starting up and looking to get exposure, or for  

established Cannabusinesses looking to expand.

Choose one primary site for your banner and get banner placement on any other site for as little as $10 per month per site.  Some sites charge $500 or more for one banner ad. Our 300+ premium Cannabis sites allow us to afford more for less. 

Click on the button below and we can contact you with a free consultation and see about setting you and your business up with one of the best deals in advertising that money can buy. 

Patient Advocacy

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As a collective of Cannabis Consultants, we have been providing Patient Advocacy across the planet for more than four decades. Through a vast network of activists, 

caregivers, Cannabis gardeners and extract makers, we have been successful in establishing an ever-growing

awareness about Cannabis extracts that has reached all seven continents in a relatively short time.  

If you are a patient looking for guidance and wish to 

enroll in a state medical Cannabis program or have any concerns about Cannabis as a medicine, the Patient Advocates can assist patients in every state and country where Cannabis exists. 

Contact us using the form on the link below and we will contact you within 24 hours for your free consultation. We appreciate you being patient and look forward to assisting you in any way possible.

Welcome to The Cannabis Consultants. My name is Jon Marsh and I have spent much of the past 22 years advocating for the complete legalization of cannabis and hemp in America. In 2010 I had a notion to create a central location where consultants in the Cannabis industries could be contacted and connected with anybody seeking their services. That location is where you've landed. My contact list of two decades is at your beck and call.

 If you are seeking guidance on anything Cannabis related, I encourage you to let centuries of collective knowledge work for you as it has for us. We look forward to your free consultation and hope we can be of service. 

Jon Marsh, Founder

The Cannabis Consultants

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